Fight A Probation Violation Charge With The Help Of A Highly Skilled Attorney

The Law Office of Kimberly Griffin Tucker, P.C., in Plano, Texas, provides aggressive and thorough representation for clients who have been accused of violating their probation. There are extensive legal challenges that require you to retain an experienced attorney when you are accused of a probation violation and time is always of the essence. So don’t wait to call Mrs. Tucker, especially if your probation violation is in Denton County.

You know that choosing the right lawyer is critical to how your case will turn out but that GOES DOUBLE when it’s a new case and the state is trying to find you guilty and punish you (also known as a Motion to Adjudicate) or revoke your probation status (aka a Motion to Revoke). Choosing the right lawyer for the county where you are in trouble can sometimes mean the difference between keeping your probation status or going to jail.

Acting Quickly And Precisely Is Critical

A good lawyer knows how important it is to act quickly in a precise manner so that your goals might be achieved. For example – Mrs. Tucker was just recently hired on a Motion to Adjudicate in Denton County because the lawyer originally hired had done NOTHING to save the client’s deferred status or probation status. In fact, he had basically done nothing except take the client’s money.

Keeping the deferred status of this particular case was crucial because to lose it would have meant a conviction, a loss of driving privileges and a loss of the client’s college scholarship. By carefully and meticulously supervising the case, she was able to help the client not only stay on probation but keep their deferred status.

When Mrs. Tucker was asked how she achieved what the other lawyer could not, her answer was simple, “Failure to keep his deferred status was not an option, so we did everything the D.A. wanted to satisfy her to allow this wonderful outcome.”

As you can see, Mrs. Tucker’s approach is two-fold – caring about what happens to her client and being proactive to achieve their goal.

Being proactive is the best way to handle a probation violation, whether it was a deliberate violation or a mere oversight that involved leaving the county, violating curfew, alcohol use or failing a UA test.

Put An Experienced Attorney On Your Side

Texas probation attorney Kimberly Griffin Tucker has had a great deal of success in handling these types of cases on behalf of her clients. Contact The Law Office of Kimberly Griffin Tucker, P.C., at 972-833-8246 so Mrs. Tucker and her staff can immediately begin helping you if you committed a probation violation. You can also reach the firm online.