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The team at The Law Office of Kimberly Griffin Tucker, P.C. understands how serious a drug charge is and how it can affect every aspect of your life. Even an arrest can have an impact on your reputation. This is why it is so important to search out a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who can help you try to minimize the consequences when you have been accused of the distribution of controlled substances.

Denton County distribution of controlled substances defense attorney Kimberly Griffin Tucker has over 15 years of experience handling criminal defense matters related to the distribution of controlled substances. From dealing with people charged with first offenses to handling the cases of those who have previous records and may be facing enhanced penalties, Mrs. Tucker understands what is at stake and takes a personal, responsive approach when handling every case. Contact the firm today to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer.

Mrs. Tucker handles distribution of controlled substances-related charges for all types of drugs, including:

Whether you have been charged with possession, intent to sell or trafficking, Mrs. Tucker is a Texas distribution of controlled substances attorney who will be by your side every step of the way to explain your options, analyze every aspect of the case and help you make informed decisions.

In many of these cases, the way the police handle the investigation is a vital component that must be carefully scrutinized to see if there are any relevant search and seizure issues. Mrs. Tucker is thoroughly familiar with the Texas Controlled Substances Act and knows how to effectively challenge evidence that has not been properly collected or other procedures that have been violated.

Mrs. Tucker believes in presenting the full picture to clients when assessing whether a plea bargain or a trial is in their best interests. She conducts a thorough investigation in order to learn every detail that can affect how a case is presented. She also knows how to use trial and motion skills to present or challenge information that can affect the outcome.

She is here to help you understand the consequences, but at the same time, she passionately fights to minimize a distribution of controlled substances charge using effective techniques, strategy and comprehensive legal knowledge.

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