Dwi Defense That Is Experienced, Aggressive And Thorough

Although The Law Office of Kimberly Griffin Tucker, P.C., defends clients against a wide variety of criminal charges, the firm is especially known for its DWI defense work. Attorney Kimberly Griffin Tucker utilizes every available resource and legal strategy to successfully defend clients against charges related to drunk driving (DWI), drunk boating (BWI) and driving under the influence (DUI, for drivers under age 21).

She can also help defend you against other alcohol-related charges including:

  • public intoxication;
  • underage drinking; and
  • furnishing alcohol to a minor.

The Key To Success

Why is Mrs. Tucker so successful in defending DWIs? The simple answer is: Preparation. It starts from the minute you hire her and continues until the trial begins.

In preparation for defending your DWI, Mrs. Tucker will obtain copies of:

  • police reports;
  • inventory logs;
  • driving records; and
  • information from the jail booking, including a copy of your DWI tape.

She will request the arresting officer’s training records, personnel file and internal affairs file, and will make sure that officer attends the ALR hearing for a grueling cross-examination that will give you a tremendous advantage at trial.

Finally, Mrs. Tucker has access to expert witnesses that she can call on if needed for your defense, including one who is a former police officer with experience in field sobriety testing.

Kimberly Griffin Tucker’s philosophy on DWIs:

If you plead, you lose. A plea means the state convicted you by your own admission. If this is your first DWI, you have little to lose by trying your case! Mrs. Tucker believes that many people plead their DWI because they are afraid of the unknown. She understands this and will discuss your fears and concerns at length so that you have a comfort level with whatever decision you make. Learn more about the hidden cost of a DWI and a DWI conviction.

What To Do After Being Arrested

If you failed a field sobriety test or breathalyzer test and have been arrested for drunk driving, taking the following steps can be critical in your DWI defense:

  1. Request your ALR (Administrative License Revocation) hearing. You only have 15 days to request your invaluable administrative hearing after you were arrested. Learn more about ALR hearings. Check out our ALR information page and All-important ALR information page.
  2. Write a statement. The police wrote a report to convict you. So, you should write a report to help Mrs. Tucker defend you. Your report should be a detailed statement about what happened. Begin with the night before your arrest and detail all events leading up to your arrest. List any witnesses that could help you. Include their contact information and, if possible, have them draft a brief statement of what they would say if called to testify.
  3. Hire Mrs. Tucker. If law enforcement has collected a blood sample to assess your BAC levels, the above defense strategy may not be appropriate. Therefore, if you have failed a blood test, you should contact Mrs. Tucker to discuss your options and develop your DWI defense strategy.

Discuss Your Legal Options With An Experienced Attorney

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