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Is your blood alcohol content (BAC) sufficient evidence for a conviction? It is not enough evidence to cause Plano DWI defense attorney Kimberly Griffin Tucker to give up. She has a reputation for her dedication to analyzing the best possible defense strategy in DWI cases – and winning. View some of her results.

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Intoxication can be demonstrated by analyzing the concentration of alcohol in the breath, urine or blood. In Texas, you could face DWI charges if your BAC is over the legal limit. The offenses are as follows:

  • .08 percent or higher: All drivers
  • .02 percent or higher: Minors under the age of 21
  • .04 percent or higher: Commercial vehicle drivers

Using Breath Tests In Dwi Cases

Breath tests, such as the Breathalyzer or Intoxilyzer, are commonly used to determine BAC levels in a roadside test or a test at the police station. Breath test results, however, can be proven inaccurate and withheld from your case. Attorney Kimberly Griffin Tucker works with experts to assess the validity of the breath test results and challenge the evidence in court. Mrs. Tucker has attended numerous courses on the breath testing machine. Her comprehensive understanding of breath tests enables her to effectively investigate and challenge how the test was administered and how the machine was calibrated and maintained.

Using Blood Tests In Dwi Cases

Although historically, blood tests were considered to be the more accurate method of determining BAC levels, this method was not the preferred method in most cases simply because of the expense involved. However, the use of blood tests in DWI cases is increasing in Texas and throughout the country. It is imperative to have effective experts who can testify about the weaknesses in blood test results. Mrs. Tucker uses highly regarded experts to analyze blood test results and challenge critical issues, such as procedural errors in blood draws or the miscalculation of alcohol “wearing off” in the time lapse between the arrest and the blood draw.

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