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Denton County Scripts Forgery Attorney

When you are facing prescription fraud charges, there is not only the criminal matter to resolve, but also the potential problem of drug addiction to consider. At The Law Office of Kimberly Griffin Tucker in Plano, Texas, attorney Kimberly Griffin Tucker will attempt to identify all the factors and events leading up to your arrest and how these may assist her in defending your criminal case as well as help you deal with any other pressing substance abuse issues. Not only does this approach benefit you health-wise, but it also allows Mrs. Tucker to present you and your case in the best light to the judge, DA or jury.

What is a prescription fraud case? The fact patterns can vary:

Some people may have a friend modify a prescription or do it themselves.

Some people take their doctor’s prescription pad after their doctor refuses to write a prescription for them.

Regardless of the circumstances of your prescription fraud case, it is imperative to retain competent and experienced legal counsel, as the potential penalties for these charges can be quite severe. Mrs. Tucker has handled a variety of prescription narcotic cases which involved Lortab, Vicodin, Valium, Oxycontin, Percocet, Methadone, Fentanyl, prescription diet drugs and other drugs that relieve pain or stress.

To defend your criminal case, The Law Office of Kimberly Griffin Tucker will look at the legal aspects of your prescription fraud/controlled substance case including the evidence against you and the procedures utilized in any search and seizure. You should also know that prescription fraud attorney Kimberly Griffin Tucker is a Denton County lawyer and that means she knows about the availability of pretrial diversion programs and how to get her clients into these programs. Denton County also has similar programs and she is familiar with these as well.

Contact The Law Office of Kimberly Griffin Tucker at 972-833-8246 so that Mrs. Tucker and her staff can immediately begin helping you. Before your first appointment, fill out the client information form and prepare a detailed written statement of all the events surrounding your arrest as soon as possible. If there are any witnesses, get their contact information and have them draft a brief statement. They may prove invaluable should you decide to go to trial.