Driver’s License Suspension Hearing Attorney In Denton, Collin And Dallas Counties

There are a variety of innovative strategies that attorney Kimberly Griffin Tucker employs in defending clients facing DWI penalties. The most important component of her DWI defense strategy starts at your administrative license revocation (ALR) hearing.

When you are arrested for DWI, whether you refuse to give a specimen of your breath or blood, fail the test or a warrant is secured, there will be an ALR hearing.

While these ALR hearings provide Mrs. Tucker with an opportunity to prevent the suspension of your driver’s license, the aspect she gets the most excited about is the chance to question the police officer who arrested you. That is because the ALR hearing provides her a nearly unfettered chance to try your case long before the real DWI takes place.

At The Law Office of Kimberly Griffin Tucker, P.C., Mrs. Tucker is quick to point out:

The ALR gives me an amazing chance to check out the strengths and weaknesses of my client’s DWI so I can make the best recommendation possible on whether they should plead their case or go to trial.

Quite simply, winning the DWI starts at the ALR.

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In fact, it is this unique viewpoint and approach to ALR hearings that has led to her amazing string of DWI victories, whether they were acquittals, dismissals or reductions to non-DWI offenses. For more information on the all-important ALR

Contact The Law Office of Kimberly Griffin Tucker, P.C. at 972-833-8246 so Mrs. Tucker’s staff can immediately begin helping you with your driver’s license suspension hearing.

Before your first appointment, fill out the Client Information form and prepare a detailed written statement of all the events surrounding your arrest as soon as possible. If there are any witnesses, get their contact information and have each of them draft a brief statement. They may prove invaluable, should you decide to go to trial.