Dwi Testimonials

DWI Peer Endorsement

As an immigration practitioner myself, where we assist US citizens with DWI cases obtain waivers to enter Canada, I can attest that Mrs. Tucker is perhaps one the most professional and prompt criminal attorneys I have ever met. Two weeks ago, for example, I called Kimberly to have a client’s interlock device removed from his car so that he could return to Canada. This requires a special court order. Well – not only did Kimberly get back to me immediately – but she had the judge issue the order within 24 hours. I’ve never seeing anything like this happen before.

– Marc L.

“Excellent Choice of Attorneys”

Mrs. Tucker did an exceptional job in handling my case. She went out of here way to help me out in resolving my DWI case. If anyone had problems such as mine, I would not recommend anyone else to represent them. She was extremely professional and is among the best when it comes to knowledge of the law.

Peer Endorsement

“Kimberly was the criminal defense attorney at the first firm for which I worked over 15 years ago. Watching her go to battle helped influence me to leap into the criminal defense arena. She knows her stuff and can destroy a police officer’s testimony. She is brilliant, funny, and fearless. A criminal defendant cannot get a better advocate than Kimberly Tucker.”

DWI 2 Perfect lawyer for the situation

She is the most excellent lawyer … I have DWI2 and served basically zero jail time – work release … less than 48 hours total when all said and done. Her flat fee is manageable as when you are in this fix you need all the money you can hold on to and not be nickle and dimed. Her staff is reliable and on top of things knowing what you need before you even know you need it. She has a great rapport with all the “powers that be” (judges) and that is one of the most important aspects of a lawyer.

If all lawyers were like Mrs. Tucker, there would be no derogatory lawyer jokes

– Sharon, a DUI client


Great Lawyer

“I am so grateful that I chose Mrs. Kimberly Tucker for my DWI case which ended with good and satisfactory results. I was very new with the whole process and didn’t have much knowledge about it. Mrs. Tucker walked me through the whole process patiently and explained every bit of it. She is very knowledgeable, smart and talented in her field. At the same time she is humble and will not only try to understand your case, but also, she will understand how it is going to make an impact in your life. All you have to do is to have patience and put your efforts as well. She studied my case very deeply and at each and every moment she kept me informed about what is important, what can happen, what can be the consequences. She never gave any kind of false hopes or false promises and advised accordingly. Last but not the least I cannot forget to mention Rebecca who works with Mrs. Tucker was very sweet and informative. Like I said, I was very new to everything and called her many times with stupid questions. She patiently listened to me and made sure I do not hang up with any more questions in my mind.”

“I was recently arrested for a DWI and I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Mrs. Tucker. I was extremely worried about the situation i got myself in and Mrs. Tucker made the whole experience a whole less stressful. She is very knowledgeable and professional and gets straight to the point. Everything about the legal and confusing process was explained to me and she made sure I comprehended it all. Mrs. Tucker is also very well-known and respected within the community and she definitely knows what she’s doing. What I liked about her most was her honesty. I did not, at any point, feel like any information was kept from me about how the case was unfolding and was constantly informed with all the facts. Mrs. Tucker was brutally honest with me and did not overcharge me at all. If it wasn’t for her i would have probably paid a lot of fines and taken a lot of classes and who knows what else but since she’s so good we managed to avoid all that! If you’re looking for a lawyer out there look no more and hire Mrs. Tucker! You won’t regret it, she is amazing!”

– Stamen V.

“Having never been in trouble with the law, the initial shock and fear of being charged with an enhanced DWI was overwhelming. I wanted the best attorney that I could get to represent me. Through multiple referrals, Kimberly Griffin Tucker was the overwhelming choice; and, from the moment of our first consultation, I knew I had made the right decision.

Not only were all potential aspects of my case drawn out in simple detail for me, she also gave me a straight forward and realistic summary of my options.

Her honesty was refreshing and I knew what to expect. After a full investigation by Mrs. Tucker, we decided to fight the charge against me; and, when we finally went to court, we won because of the evidence that Mrs. Tucker provided and presented. As a result, the DA dismissed the charge and there was no trial!

The outcome of my suppression hearing never would have happened without the tireless work of Mrs. Tucker and Rebecca. They gave me my life back the way it was before I was arrested. The amount of gratitude that I have is almost immeasurable for everything that they did for me and my family.

Although I pray this never happens to anyone else, if it does, the choice of whom to turn to for legal representation is very clear … KIMBERLY TUCKER.”

– J.H.

“Before deciding to hire you, I met with and interviewed six other DWI lawyers in the DFW area. One of the questions that I asked each of the other attorneys was that if they were in my situation and were unable to represent themselves, then who would they hire?

Four of the six attorneys mentioned your name and while you were not on my initial list of potential lawyers to hire, you quickly moved up the list. After our first meeting, I quickly recognized why the other lawyers in the area thought so highly of you and I knew that you were the right choice.

While I began an intensive counseling regimen, Mrs. Tucker and her extraordinary team handled all of my legal matters with the utmost expertise & professionalism. Mrs. Tucker remained engaged with my case & maintained an open and effective channel of communication. Whenever there was an update, I was notified immediately.

I’m sure many clients feel this way, but I think my case presented some unique challenges and thanks to your skill we had an early win by having the license revocation portion of the case dismissed by the judge at the ALR hearing. Thank you for that!

As the case proceeded on the criminal side, you were always there to answer my many, many questions and I had the utmost confidence that you were the best lawyer I could have hired. Ultimately, I made the decision to not go all the way with a trial by jury because of the specifics of my case and you negotiated a plea-bargain that actually surprised me. Had we gone all the way to trial, then I have no doubt you would have been the best lawyer to make the case. Ultimately though, I think the best and most fair outcome was achieved and I owe it all to you. Thank you!”

– William Q.

Kimberly –

I wanted to take a moment to drop you and your wonderful staff a Thank You Note. I could not have asked for a better outcome. I know the circumstances that decided the outcome were completely unforeseen by everyone, but the end result was as you put it “A Gift”.

I honestly feel like a Black Cloud has been lifted. For the past 18 months, I felt as if I had a dark cloud looming over my head and now it is gone. It is a strange feeling to no longer have to worry about this situation. I thought about it everyday, one way or the other. I dreaded dealing with it each time we had to discuss the case. But, the long process was well worth it.

All I can say, is “THANK YOU”! I hope I never have to refer you and your staff to a friend or family member, but if they find them self in a similar situation you will be THEIR LAWYER OF CHOICE.


D. Maldonado

“I just want to say Thank-You AGAIN. Chad, Lisa & the Most Honorable Kimberly Tucker for helping out my son!

I am So Thank-ful that when he did get in trouble that I did call alot of lawyer’s offices & I met with them and out of ALL of them you are the person that WON me over. Grace, your compassion and knowledge was what I needed to hear on the other end of the line.

I had several other recommendations from family & friends and ya’ll were not one of them. So, I prayed and cried so much and I’m so thankful that I did do my homework and felt it in my heart that Kimberly was the lawyer we needed! I will RECOMMEND Kimberly Griffin Tucker & her STAFF without RESERVATION to anybody I know that needs help!!!

I THANK ALL of ya’ll from the Bottom of my HEART!!!

– Cynthia H.

“Mrs. Tucker never left my side during a year-and a half long ordeal as we took my case to trial. Her devotion to the preparation of my case coupled with an intense yet caring approach was absolutely invaluable in her garnering an “obstruction of passage” verdict with my .15 breath test result. ”

– Tim M.

“After having been arrested for DWI, I had no idea where to turn. I was nervous, upset with myself, unsure of my rights and I had no idea what to expect.

I did a lot of research on counsel. I found Kimberly’s website to be all-inclusive in helping me understand a DWI charge. The breadth of her experience base was very reassuring and I sent her email and relayed my situation.

She simply responded, “I can HELP you.” After we talked for a short time at her office, I knew she was the “help” I needed!

My business requires that I travel and a driver’s license suspension would have been very difficult for me. Kimberly won my ALR hearing, there was no license suspension and I had my license back within days without interruption to my travels.

The rest of the process went precisely as Kimberly had said it would. There were no surprises at any point along the way. My case was settled as quickly as possible and to my satisfaction.

Kimberly stayed in close contact every step of the way, explained every detail and put me at ease so I could focus on my job and my life as the process went forward!

I very much recommend Kimberly! In the future, when I require legal counsel in any matter, I will call Kimberly first to get her input.”

– J. McKlemurry

“Recently my daughter was charged with a DWI in the Denton area. Since no one in our family has had an issue like this before, it left us with the problem of finding an attorney to represent her. I located Kimberly’s web site and was very impressed with her qualifications.

However, words are cheap so I set up an initial consultation.

After our initial meeting with Kimberly, I was convinced that she was the right person to represent my daughter in this matter. She took the time to explain the ramifications of the charge and defense thoroughly while being compassionate and understanding but realistic.

I learned that it is extremely important to have someone on your side that understands the process, knows the players involved and has enough experience to guide you through the maze of the legal system. I am more convinced than ever that Kimberly was the right choice for us and am grateful for all the time and effort she devoted to my daughter.”

– B. Ohnstad

“This year my daughter had an alcohol offense and I didn’t know where to turn until I saw Kimberly’s information on the internet.

Kimberly was invaluable to us from the start. My daughter got deferred and 3 days later got another offense. Kimberly was so quick to come up with a strategy for her legal situation and suggestions on a personal level as well.

The lessons that my daughter learned from Kimberly and this experience has changed her life and potentially saved her life as well. Kimberly made such an impact on my daughter that she is considering pursuing a legal career. Kimberly is not only a very knowledgeable attorney but truly cares about her clients and their future.”


– C. Rhoten