Thankfully, the chances of you being attacked at random are very rare — but it does happen. So do fights in bars or clubs or conflicts with neighbors, and things can turn violent. Nobody really knows how they are going to respond to such a situation until it unfolds. 

In some cases, running away may be the safest option. Nonetheless, this might not be possible. If you have been backed into a corner and attacked, is it legal to use violence to defend yourself

Was there an imminent threat?

While fleeing might be the safest option in some instances, there is no legal requirement to do this in Texas if you are under threat. If you reasonably believe that a physical threat is imminent, then you are entitled to defend yourself by using violence. 

Was your response proportionate?

Although you are entitled to use violence to defend yourself, this doesn’t mean that anything goes. The amount of force used in response to the threat must only be the amount needed to neutralize that threat. So, if you were pushed, it would not be proportionate to use a firearm in return.

Were you defending yourself or others?

You try your best to be conscientious, and the safety of others is very important to you. If you witness someone else being attacked, is it legal for you to intervene with violence? In Texas, the answer is yes. You are entitled to defend others from harm, but the same rules apply as above. The threat to the other person must be imminent and the amount of force used to neutralize that threat must be proportionate. 

It’s possible that you may still face charges even after merely defending yourself. To assert your legal right to self-defense, it will benefit you to have some experienced guidance on your side.