Kimberly Griffin Tucker Wins Top Three DWI Lawyers

Carrollton, Texas – January 27, 2017 –

The Law Offices of Kimberly Griffin Tucker has been named a Three Best Rated DWI Lawyer in Carrollton, Texas by Three Best Rated, as judged and rated by their employees.

The Three Best Rated designation is awarded to a broad range of businesses in a community by category. Three Best Rated employees examine businesses in a community and research information and metrics like business reviews, history of business, complaint record, business ratings, satisfaction of clients or customers, costs, and overall general excellence. The top three businesses in a category receive the designation Three Best Rated and are featured on the Three Best Rated website.

Experienced. Trusted. Respected.

The Law Office of Kimberly Griffin Tucker is a full-service criminal defense law firm specializing in DWI/DUI cases in Carrollton, Texas. Led by Kimberly Griffin Tucker, the lawfirm offers personal service and aggressive legal representation to resolve criminal matters expeditiously. Representing clients in all phases of a criminal case from investigation to arrest to arraignment to discovery to motion practice to trial to sentencing to post-conviction relief or by negotiating a plea to reduce charges or sentencing and helping person expunge or receive an order or nondisclosure, Mrs. Tucker’s always places the client is at the forefront of her practice.

Mrs. Tucker is a former Municipal Court Judge in the city of Colony, Texas. Prior to that, Mrs. Tucker served as an Assistant District Attorney in the counties of Denton and Grayson, Texas. Mrs. Tucker’s knowledge of criminal DWI/DUI law and practice in Texas is so extensive she co-wrote a book about it – The Texas DWI Manual. The Texas DWI Manual is relied upon by practicing lawyers when on trial or representing clients facing DWI/DUI charges all over the state.

In addition to DWI and intoxication-related offenses, Mrs. Tucker’s defense practice areas also includes:

  • Drug offenses
  • Probation violations
  • Theft and property offenses
  • Police officer-oriented offenses
  • Grand jury proceedings
  • Administrative law proceedings

Mrs. Tucker also assists clients after conviction and sentencing with expunctions and orders of nondisclosures proceedings. An expunction, if granted by the court, erases an arrest record. An order of nondisclosure seals a criminal record. Both mechanisms enable a person with a criminal arrest and conviction for certain crimes to erase or seal a record without having to disclose the arrest to a future employer or when applying for housing. These mechanisms have the potential of easing the burden of a criminal arrest and conviction on a person following a criminal act.

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