People with criminal records, even minor ones, are often stigmatized. This can make daily life difficult for them in both personal and professional settings.

If we are honest with ourselves, then the majority of us have probably broken the law at some point without even realizing it. For instance, who can truly say that they have never exceeded the speed limit by mistake or committed other traffic violations?

Should those with a criminal record be disadvantaged forever? Arguably, everyone deserves a second chance and having your record expunged can provide this in the following ways.

Employment opportunities

Nowadays, a criminal background check can be carried out very quickly. Most of this information is in the public domain. If you’re applying for a job, then it may not come up during the application process, but before you are formally offered the job, a background check is almost inevitable. Because of the stigma attached to criminal records, you may not be given a chance to explain your circumstances in full. Ultimately, this could cost you the job.

Your housing situation

It’s not only prospective employers who carry out background checks; landlords are increasingly doing this too. Few properties available for lease only have one potential candidate. If you are on the list with people who have no records, it’s possible that they may be given preferential treatment. Expunging your criminal record could eliminate this risk.

Your wellbeing

You shouldn’t be punished forever for a mistake of the past, particularly a minor criminal infraction. To find out more about having your record expunged, be sure to seek some legal guidance.