You are probably aware that Texas courts can impose harsh penalties on anyone convicted of possessing, producing, distributing, selling or using illegal drugs. However, you might not realize that you can also face criminal charges based on drug-related equipment. While the penalties are usually less harsh than they are for drugs themselves, you will still carry around a criminal record for life if you are convicted.

Under Texas law, the official term is drug paraphernalia. It refers to certain items used in the production, sale, concealment, distribution or use of illegal substances. Charges can range from a Class C to a Class A misdemeanor, and in cases where you are accused of supplying paraphernalia to a minor three years younger than you, a felony.

There are various defense options

If the police catch you in possession of things they consider drug paraphernalia, it is crucial to realize there are always defense options available to consider. For example, you could argue that the items did not belong to you and that you had no idea they were there.

Perhaps you could admit the things were yours but that you had them for entirely innocent reasons. Small bags that people use for selling drugs can also be used for storing or selling small items such as buttons, or jewelry beads, for example. Bright lights could also be used to cultivate legal plants and not just marijuana.

To increase the chances of a successful defense against drug-related charges, it is wise to get legal help to examine all the options and protect your rights..