Frisco, Tx Dwi Lawyer

If You’ve Been Charged With A Dwi/Dui In Frisco, Texas

You are probably worried about your job, your ability to get around & how this will affect your family. These are ALL valid concerns but you don’t have to face this alone.

By hiring a well-qualified and compassionate lawyer who will guide you through the process, you will get the confidence you need to move forward and regain control over your life.


  1. Kimberly Tucker has been defending and winning DWI cases since 2000 in Denton, Dallas & Collin County.
  2. Mrs. Tucker is recognized by other lawyers as the “go to lawyer” in DWI defense.
  3. Mrs. Tucker is not afraid to try a DWI case and will not back down to DA pressure
  4. Mrs. Tucker will do what is right for YOU, not the system or the court or the DAs.
  5. She will never sit back & hope it all works out. She will MAKE it work out.

YOU DESERVE a qualified, respected, EXPERIENCED Criminal Defense Lawyer with in-depth knowledge of both the legal and judicial sides of DWI proceedings in Frisco, TX.

Kimberly Griffin Tucker, P.C. has both prosecution and judicial experience that gives her a unique perspective and knowledge base of how to successfully your DWI cases in Frisco, TX.

She knows what you are going through and will help you through each step of this process.

Compassionate & Trusted Results … See DWI Testimonials

The Law Office Of Kimberly Griffin Tucker serving DWI Clients In Frisco Since 2000.

Mrs. Tucker defends her DWI clients in Frisco with a zealous fervor. Her strength lies in preparation, investigation, motion practice, and trial presentation. Mrs. Tucker is well regarded demonstrating the strictest personal and professional ethics. She responds promptly to telephone calls, reports regularly on case developments, and stays on top of changes in the law.

Contact the Law Office of Kimberly Griffin Tucker to help you through this DWI experience in Frisco. She can help you win the best results in your DWI case. Contact Kimberly Griffin Tucker immediately or call 972-833-8246.