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Your criminal record can significantly impact employment opportunities, housing opportunities, and many other opportunities. Unless you follow specific procedures to ensure the privacy of your record, the public may have access to information about prior arrests, charges and criminal proceedings — even if you weren't convicted.

The Law Office of Kimberly Griffin Tucker in Plano, Texas, assists eligible clients through the process of expunction (also known as expungement) or an order of nondisclosure (ND). Both processes can be invaluable to your future.

To discuss your eligibility for nondisclosure or expunction, please contact the Law Office of Kimberly Griffin Tucker at (972) 492-2889.

Texas Non-Disclosure and Deferred Adjudication

In the past, people who pled to deferred adjudication probation were told they would not have a criminal record. They were shocked when their criminal histories began to haunt them. They found that they were not eligible for expunction, so their arrest records became forever available for public knowledge.

After years of no relief for this problem, a solution was finally created on September 1, 2003, in the form of the nondisclosure. This new law permitted the court to seal a successfully completed deferred adjudication community service/probation from public knowledge. However, in order to obtain an order of nondisclosure, you must request it formally.

Attorney Kimberly Griffin Tucker assists individuals who have successfully completed deferred adjudication community service or probation in Texas and are eligible to petition for an order of nondisclosure. In fact, Mrs. Tucker was the first lawyer to file an order of nondisclosure petition in Denton and in Denton County when it came to pass in 2003. Over the course of time, she has become very well versed in this area of the law and will work hard to get your nondisclosure approved by the court.

View some of Mrs. Tucker's results in criminal cases or testimonials from satisfied clients.

Once granted, a nondisclosure prohibits DPS (who maintains these records) from giving this information out to the companies that want to buy your criminal records and make them available to the public. A nondisclosure also allows you to deny the occurrence of that arrest and prosecution unless the records are being used in subsequent criminal proceedings. It is important to note that government agencies will still have access to records that have an active order of nondisclosure. Therefore, if pursuing employment with a government agency, they will likely become aware of the record.

Am I eligible for an order of nondisclosure? That depends on what level of offense you were charged with — some criminal offenses have a waiting period and you can lose your eligibility for a nondisclosure if you get into trouble again (like you receive a subsequent conviction or deferred adjudication — this does not include traffic violations).

Contact the Law Office of Kimberly Griffin Tucker at (972) 492-2889 to see if you are eligible for an order of nondisclosure.

Texas Expunction of Criminal History

Did you know that arrest records and other court records are available to the public even when a conviction is not received? The Texas Open Records Act requires arrest records and other criminal records to be made available for public or private use.

Undoubtedly, any reference of a criminal arrest or charges filed can hinder your reputation and opportunities. Texas criminal laws allow for expunction of entire criminal records in cases that result in a dismissal, decline, or not guilty verdict. Additionally, deferred dispositions in cases involving Class c offenses can be expunged.

While an order of nondisclosure seals a criminal record from the public, an expunction (referred to by some people as an expungement) serves to erase the entire criminal record about a particular incident — as if the incident never occurred. Arrest records, fingerprints, booking photo, case dismissal, and any other information about that particular case is expunged.

Attorney Kimberly Griffin Tucker realizes the benefits of nondisclosures and expunctions. A successful nondisclosure or expunction case enables her clients to deny the arrest ever occurred.

View some of Mrs. Tucker's results in criminal cases or testimonials from satisfied clients.

Contact the Law Office of Kimberly Griffin Tucker at (972) 492-2889 to learn more about expunctions or to determine if you are eligible for expunction.

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