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The Hidden Cost of a DWI & a DWI Conviction

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Pleading guilty to drunk driving is a DWI conviction. Many people feel they are "getting off easy" if they accept a plea bargain following DWI charges. They accept the plea without recognizing the lifetime stigma that they are accepting.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving in Texas, it is important not only to understand DWI/DUI laws and criminal penalties, but also to recognize the full impact of a DWI conviction.

What is the true cost of a criminal conviction? A criminal arrest is a page of your life that you may not want written. However, a conviction does exactly that — a conviction is permanently ingrained into your criminal record. It is a lifetime scarlet letter. A conviction can interfere with your reputation and follow you through your life, impacting education, professional licenses, employment, residence, and even relationships.

The Law Office of Kimberly Griffin Tucker, in Plano, Texas, holds steady on the principle that every client and every case deserves a fair trial. Mrs. Tucker's philosophy in DWI cases:

A DWI can have many hidden costs. Hiring the right DWI defense attorney only adds to those costs. However, the cost of hiring an attorney who will simply advise you to accept a plea offer — a conviction — is much greater than any dollar amount spent in the course of your DWI case and defense strategy.

What Does a Clean Criminal Record Mean to You?

Many clients who come to the Law Office of Kimberly Griffin Tucker have questions about Texas DWI/DUI laws, about what the case will cost them and what the impact will be on their future. Mrs. Tucker works hard to limit the impact of a DWI arrest on her client's future. She educates them about the laws, explains the options based on the case, and relentlessly fights to protect their interests and keep their criminal record clean.

Texas DWI Criminal and Civil Penalties

A conviction for drunk driving in Texas can result in the criminal DWI penalties consisting of time in county jail (state penitentiary for DWI 3rd), DWI fines, license suspension, and other consequences. Probation is a possible alternative to incarceration, but be warned. Probation (now called "community supervision") can be time consuming and expensive.

Drunk driving can also result in various civil penalties under Texas DWI/DUI laws. For example, refusal of the breathalyzer test violates Texas implied consent laws and will result in an automatic suspension of your driver's license.

In 2003, DPS started assessing a "surcharge" on the license of each person who, during the preceding 36-month period, has been convicted of a drunk driving offense. Civil DWI surcharges are assessed over a three year period and include:

  • $1,000.00 per year - upon a DWI 1st conviction (total $3,000.00)
  • $1,500.00 per year - if you are convicted of DWI and have a previous DWI conviction at any prior time (total $4500.00)
  • $2,000.00 per year - if it is shown that the breath or blood specimen showed an alcohol concentration of 0.16 or more (total $6,000.00)

Other Costs Related to Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is not simply a traffic ticket with a fine. In addition to any fines, you may face a myriad of other expenses:

Court costs $400 - $500
Probation $50 in Denton and Collin County;
$60 in Dallas County
Civil surcharges Varies: see above
Required classes:
Victim Impact Panel
DWI Safety Education Program
$30 (note - this class is no longer free)
Drug and alcohol evaluation $50-$100
Counseling (if court ordered) Varies for each person
Interlock device (required for DWI 2nd and high BAC DWI):
Installation of device
Required monthly calibration

Other hidden costs that can vary for each individual include the cost of increased car insurance premiums and the expenses related to time off of work to complete 40 hours of community service.

The Law Office of Kimberly Griffin Tucker believes in being forthright with clients. Not only is the firm dedicated to your fierce defense, but you can also be assured that Mrs. Tucker will be straightforward with you about every aspect of your case.

There are many expenses related to DWI charges in Texas. Mrs. Tucker works to minimize the expenses in any manner possible. However, her main focus is on avoiding the ultimate cost of a criminal conviction.

Contact the Law Office of Kimberly Griffin Tucker to discuss your case with an experienced DWI defense lawyer.

If you are not a citizen of the United States, please be sure to let Mrs. Tucker's office know.

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