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Client Testimonials

Kimberly Saved Me When I Was At The Lowest Point of My Life

From the first time I met Kimberly, I was struck by her intelligence, poise, confidence, knowledge, and ability. It's now two years later, and I have found that I was only wrong in underestimating exactly how great she was. 

This lawyer can certainly move mountains for you and her name alone carries an incredible amount of clout with the DAs office (as it should, since she was both a judge and a district attorney herself). I hired Kimberly when I was arrested for 5 drug possession felonies (two of which were schedule 1 with a 5 year minimum in state prison). She was able to plead me down to 6 months on first time offender probation that will have everything down to the arrest expunged after the completion of the term (and of course I will hire her again for that). Kimberly legitimately saved me when I was at the lowest point of my life and gave me another chance to completely start over by giving me a miracle outcome when I had reason to expect the worst. If there is a way out of your troubles, rest assured that she will find it.

Kimberly has a paperweight on her desk that says "A good lawyer knows the law, a great lawyer knows the judge." I found out that she is definitely the latter type; the respect that she commands in the court room and the halls of the courthouse is palpable. Judges, District Attorneys, and fellow defense attorneys all greet Kimberly with a great deal of reverence and clearly respect her as both an adversary and a colleague. If the paperwork I signed with my incredible plea deal wasn't enough to convince me that I had hired the right lawyer, the number of prosecutors that were on very friendly terms with her would have done it for me. 

Kimberly puts the utmost pride in her work and truly doesn't want you to be the "franchise client" that keeps coming back and paying her.  She actually wants you to move on to better things in your life. She can simply get you out of trouble, or she can change your life and get you headed in the right direction. The choice is yours to make. I was so enamored by her ability and professionalism that I decided that I would be going to law school after I graduate to follow in her footsteps. 

I can say with utmost confidence that if KGT is your lawyer, the outcome you get on your case will be the absolute best scenario that could have happened for you. She will leave no stone unturned and will fight your case until hell freezes over, and then she will fight on the ice.

Timothy H.

Very Easy to Work With…A Real Straight Shooter

Mrs. Tucker told me my options for my case. I was guilty and was ready to pay my dues. Not only did my fines get dismissed, I didn’t have to do probation and I kept my license. But I should have received $2000 fine, jail time and 1 year suspended license.  Mrs. Tucker never asked for extra fees but I would have been happy paying double for what I was charged because of the great outcome. And my favorite thing about dealing with Mrs. Tucker is - she answers emails quickly & let’s you know what’s going and answers every question. She’s very easy to work with; a real straight shooter. Highly recommended!


Out of 5 Lawyers, Kimberly Was the Only One Who Gave Me the Truth

We all make mistakes. One mistake I'm glad I didn't make was choosing the wrong lawyer. Out of 5 lawyers, Kimberly was the only one who gave me the truth instead of a sales pitch about having my case thrown out and so on. She gave me realistic outcomes. We ended up getting a great deal with the prosecutor and ALR hearing. Her background includes being a judge as well having written THE book for lawyers on DWI. She is a kind person and very patient with questions. Overall, I'm extremely glad with my decision and would not change it.

Robin A.

You Gave Me Another Shot at Life

I am immensely thankful for everything that you have done for me. I know that you don’t need me to tell you, but you gave me another shot at life and I’m going to take advantage of it.
Thank you not only for resolving my legal problems, but also for being a great influence in my life. You are a consummate professional and I will die happy if I ever reach your level of skill in practicing law. For a few years I was struggling to find a way to go in life but I have found your poise and capabilities inspiring, to say the least. I’ll be sure to let you know when I graduate.
Don’t forget to brag about my case outcome on your website!

Tim H.

Kimberly Personally Took Care of It

Kimberly was always professional and open about the possibilities for my case. We won the ALR hearing and managed to get a good plea deal from the prosecutor. This was all due to her diligent work and experienced insight into the laws surrounding my case. She was always available to discuss any questions I had and kept me informed with any new updates to my case. Anytime I had contact with her offices or a court appearance - it was always Kimberly that personally took care of it, not a junior lawyer associate or receptionist. This, paired with her extensive legal background, was one of the reasons I chose her to handle my case. I believe she is one of the best DWI lawyers in the DFW area. I would recommend her to anyone that is in the situation that I was in. Overall great experience.


Amazing Attorney

Kimberly was recommended to me by a friend when I ran into some trouble. She was absolutely amazing. She helped me throughout the entire process and always worked for my best interest. She excels at her job and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing attorney.



Ms. Tucker provided an in-depth step-by-step overview of what I could expect at the beginning of the process and quickly walked me through each step of the process and trial requirements - she was able to reduce my probation period and put me in a position to seal my case. I would recommend Ms. Tucker to anyone and everyone going through this painful experience - she made it manageable and as enjoyable as this can possibly be.


Attorney Kimberly Griffin Tucker and the case she took care of for me

I would like to begin by stating that I did not want to hire an attorney initially in my case because I had the opinion that I couldn't trust them at all and that all they wanted was to take my money. As a result I was putting off hiring an attorney in the hopes that I would be appointed one by the courts, however, the courts eventually forced me to represent myself and the district attorney offered me 120 days in jail. I was shocked to say the least. I had just been promoted to supervisor at my job and had a baby on the way. I simply could not do four months in jail and keep my job as well. So I was a little scared and extremely nervous.
This is when I made the call to Kimberly Griffin Tucker's office for a consultation immediately. Kimberly was very friendly on the phone as well as in person when I met with her in her office. Kimberly explained to me what she was able to do in my case and did not mislead me at all. She was straight forward and professional. So I agreed that I would hire her and she would be on my case. She was able to set off my court date one last time and began negotiations with the district attorney some time after that. Meanwhile I was a nervous wreck.
Kimberly did everything to assure me that she would do whatever she could in her power to represent me to the best of her abilities. To be honest I had this thought in my head that I just wasted my money and that she would be unable to help me. Kimberly changed my mind about that the next time she had news for me though. The district attorney had agreed to dismiss my case provided I showed proof of restitution for damages to the door ( criminal mischief for damaging a door was my charge) and complete one anger management course. I was once again shocked but this time for good reasons instead of bad. If it had not been for Kimberly and her kind words and professionalism I don't know what I would have done. This lady is one of the nicest people I have ever had the opportunity to meet and she did a stellar job in representing me in court. I have nothing but the highest marks with regards to her abilities as an attorney. I highly recommend Kimberly Griffin Tucker to anyone who finds themselves in a jam with the law and if I had to do it all over again or ever have to hire an attorney again I will look no further than her, for I know she will get the job done. I am happy to say that my case was dismissed in court and I couldn't be happier with Kimberly and her performance. Great job KGT. Keep up the good work.


Look No Further

Kimberly Tucker is your first choice if you are in need of a great DWI lawyer. From the moment I contacted her distraught from the arrest, she was kind, understanding and incredibly knowledgeable. She made an appointment with me the very next day and made me feel like I was going to live through this terrible nightmare I created for myself. Her fees are very reasonable. She is incredibly responsive and prompt. Very detail oriented and will explain everything to you, provide you with all the tools you need to make the best of your situation. She is highly regarded in the community. When I went before the judge, he even told me I had one of the best lawyers in the field. That’s very comforting when you are not certain of your fate. She has taken this journey with me every step of the way and I will forever be grateful to have found her.


Professional, experienced guide and attorney

Kimberly was quick to respond to my request for info, and she was clear, concise, and helpful during our consultation. She ran me through the entire process I was embarking on and was eager to answer the "what if" questions I had for her. She kept communication open and was quick to respond to emails and calls.
She put together the right plan of action based on the circumstances of my DUI, and I'm confident that we reached the most successful outcome possible.
I have a friend who'd hired a DUI lawyer for half the price of Kimberly, so initially, I was afraid I'd overpaid. In the end, Kimberly's expertise, experience, and guidance ended up SAVING me money. As they say, if you think it's expensive to hire a professional, try hiring an amateur.


Excellent Attorney

I recently had an occasion to hire a defense attorney for the first time in my life and after several google searches and initial consultations with quite a few attorneys, I was fortunate enough to find Kimberly Tucker! She walked me through the process, presented my options, was honest with me about my specific situation and was VERY PATIENT with me and the copious amount of emails I sent with yet more questions. She was the one that responded and not someone else in her office, which I found to be extremely comforting. She managed to put my mind at ease. While I don't plan to need a defense attorney again, if I did, I would certainly go straight to Kimberly. If any friends or family needed some help, I would definitely refer to them and her office.


Excellent DWI Attorney

I got my first (and hopefully last) DWI last year, and was feeling absolutely overwhelmed. I met with several lawyers in Denton County, but their "consultations" came off more like sales pitches. Kimberly Tucker was different. She was straight with me, laying out my options and letting me know the pros and cons of accepting a plea or going to trial.
Kimberly's knowledge and expertise is amazing. She *literally* wrote the book on DWIs in Denton County. Even the judge at my ODL hearing told me, "You've hired one of the best attorneys around. Make sure you take advantage and take her advice."
Kimberly was always responsive, always available, and always kept me in the loop so I knew what my next steps should be. I hope I never need her services again. But should any of my family or friends make a poor life decision, I'll certainly point them her way.



When a loved family member finds themselves in an unfortunate position as a result of a "one time" mistake in poor judgment its a very stressful and uneasy feeling and you do not know where to turn for Legal assistance. We were BEYOND blessed to have found Kimberly! Not only did she answer my first call (wow!), but she scheduled us in immediately, calmed us down and addressed our situation, and walked thoroughly through the next steps and how she would be there by our side (literially!) Step by step. At the end she was 100% correct on everything, and we even ended up with better results at the end of the legal process. Life got back to normal and it is all thanks to Kimberly! Trust me when I say this - look to no other Attorney to handle your DUI legal case. She is truly "on your side"!


Best Decision You Could Make After a Bad One

KGT is master at what she does in Denton County. Simply the response she gets from the body language and tone of the employees and judges of the court should be evidence enough. For me, she got an incredibly favorable result out of a bad situation that I had gotten myself into. She is budget conscious and fair. She is very responsive and communicative. At no point did I feel alone or in doubt about what would be happening when.
Hire her, listen to her, answer her questions as she asks them...and TRUST her to do what she does. I can't recommend her highly enough. I do not intend to ever need her again but many others do and will. Thank you KGT.

Can't recommend Mrs Tucker enough!

Mrs. Tucker does an awesome job and will always shoot you straight. She is very good at what she does and cares about her clients well being and not just the dollar signs, like I've experienced with past attorneys. I can't recommend her enough to make up for the hard work she has put into my cases over the years. You get what you pay for in the legal system and mrs tucker is clearly the best bang for your buck!

Superb Attorney!

I recently found myself facing a complex case where an accident with injuries had occured.. Details in police reports were false, and I was under pressure to submit to field sobriety tests after expressing my wish to remain silent and exercise my rights. Kimberly was a fantastic partner working hard on organizing the details and defending me in my situation. I'm forever grateful that her expertise and professionalism helped me get though such a difficult time. if you need similar help, hire her!

"Excellent Choice of Attorneys”

Mrs. Tucker did an exceptional job in handling my case. She went out of her way to help me out in resolving my DWI case. If anyone had problems such as mine, I would not recommend anyone else to represent them. She was extremely professional and is among the best when it comes to knowledge of the law.

“Confidence and Hope”

Kimberly gave us great practical advice and worked hard on our case. She explained everything fully which gave us confidence and hope. She talked to us on our level which took the fear and confusion to a minimum. I am grateful and blessed to have found her.

Most of us do not believe we will be in the situation to defend ourselves. It is not something we prepare for. In my case, I was fortunate to find myself in the care and professionalism of the best - Kimberly Tucker.
Kimberly never led me to believe it would be easy; she assisted me through the convoluted system, but never gave me a false sense of security or promises. She reviewed my case and met with me every step of the way and allowed me to weigh the cost and benefit of every decision. In the end, we made the choice to go to trial. Kimberly was prepared, involved and communicated with me regularly. She set everything else in her world aside to focus on my case at trial. She knows her "stuff" and every aspect of the law.
A Team of ADA attorneys all took time out of their day to witness her trial defense in front of the jury. She is an amazing defense attorney and apparently a teacher of the system to the prosecution. Kimberly Tucker will defend you and care about your case.
I cannot thank her enough for putting this all behind me and face a world free of all charges. You cannot find a better attorney to guide you through a horrific time.

Mrs. Tucker showed confidence and familiarity within the court, where her opposition could not. Her confidence was supported by her litigation practices with the jury, witnesses, and judicial department. Her examinations intimidated even the law enforcement called to the witness stand because of her extreme familiarity with her criminal practice. I advise going with a reputable Defense Attorney, like Mrs. Tucker, to get the ending results you desire.

DWI Peer Endorsement

As an immigration practitioner myself, where we assist US citizens with DWI cases obtain waivers to enter Canada, I can attest that Mrs. Tucker is perhaps one the most professional and prompt criminal attorneys I have ever met. Two weeks ago, for example, I called Kimberly to have a client's interlock device removed from his car so that he could return to Canada. This requires a special court order. Well - not only did Kimberly get back to me immediately - but she had the judge issue the order within 24 hours. I've never seeing anything like this happen before.

Marc L.

Simply the BEST

Let me start by saying that Kimberly Tucker was amazing from start to finish. As anyone would understand, going through the process of the justice system can be daunting to say the least. She was there every step of the way and if you want an attorney with expertise and professionalism, I am going to save you the time and let you know that should you need an attorney, look no further than Kimberly Tucker.

DWI Peer Endorsement

 “Kimberly was the criminal defense attorney at the first firm for which I worked over 15 years ago. Watching her go to battle helped influence me to leap into the criminal defense arena. She knows her stuff and can destroy a police officer's testimony. She is brilliant, funny, and fearless. A criminal defendant cannot get a better advocate than Kimberly Tucker.”

DWI 2 Perfect lawyer for the situation

She is the most excellent lawyer..... I have DWI2 and served basically zero jail time-- work release... less than 48 hours total when all said and done. Her flat fee is manageable as when you are in this fix you need all the money you can hold on to and not be nickle and dimed. Her staff is reliable and on top of things knowing what you need before you even know you need it. She has a great rapport with all the "powers that be" (judges) and that is one of the most important aspects of a lawyer.

If all lawyers were like Mrs. Tucker, there would be no derogatory lawyer jokes.

Posted by Sharon, a DUI client

Great Lawyer


“I am so grateful that I chose Mrs. Kimberly Tucker for my DWI case which ended with good and satisfactory results. I was very new with the whole process and didn't have much knowledge about it. Mrs. Tucker walked me through the whole process patiently and explained every bit of it. She is very knowledgeable, smart and talented in her field. At the same time she is humble and will not only try to understand your case, but also, she will understand how it is going to make an impact in your life. All you have to do is to have patience and put your efforts as well. She studied my case very deeply and at each and every moment she kept me informed about what is important, what can happen, what can be the consequences. She never gave any kind of false hopes or false promises and advised accordingly. Last but not the least I cannot forget to mention Rebecca who works with Mrs. Tucker was very sweet and informative. Like I said, I was very new to everything and called her many times with stupid questions. She patiently listened to me and made sure I do not hang up with any more questions in my mind.”

"I was recently arrested for a DWI and I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Mrs. Tucker. I was extremely worried about the situation i got myself in and Mrs. Tucker made the whole experience a whole less stressful. She is very knowledgeable and professional and gets straight to the point. Everything about the legal and confusing process was explained to me and she made sure I comprehended it all. Mrs. Tucker is also very well-known and respected within the community and she definitely knows what she's doing. What I liked about her most was her honesty. I did not, at any point, feel like any information was kept from me about how the case was unfolding and was constantly informed with all the facts. Mrs. Tucker was brutally honest with me and did not overcharge me at all. If it wasn't for her i would have probably paid a lot of fines and taken a lot of classes and who knows what else but since she's so good we managed to avoid all that! If you’re looking for a lawyer out there look no more and hire Mrs. Tucker! You won't regret it, she is amazing!"

- Stamen V.

"Kimberly and her team were AMAZING! They handled my case with care and provided the knowledge needed to have my case DECLINED by the DA'S office. I would highly recommend Kimberly and her team to anyone looking for a hardworking, knowledgeable, and honest attorney. I hope I never need her services again, but if I do I will feel confident that I have an amazing team backing me up."

- Kyle M.

"Having never been in trouble with the law, the initial shock and fear of being charged with an enhanced DWI was overwhelming. I wanted the best attorney that I could get to represent me. Through multiple referrals, Kimberly Griffin Tucker was the overwhelming choice; and, from the moment of our first consultation, I knew I had made the right decision.

Not only were all potential aspects of my case drawn out in simple detail for me, she also gave me a straight forward and realistic summary of my options.

Her honesty was refreshing and I knew what to expect. After a full investigation by Mrs. Tucker, we decided to fight the charge against me; and, when we finally went to court, we won because of the evidence that Mrs. Tucker provided and presented. As a result, the DA dismissed the charge and there was no trial!

The outcome of my suppression hearing never would have happened without the tireless work of Mrs. Tucker and Rebecca. They gave me my life back the way it was before I was arrested. The amount of gratitude that I have is almost immeasurable for everything that they did for me and my family.

Although I pray this never happens to anyone else, if it does, the choice of whom to turn to for legal representation is very clear…. KIMBERLY TUCKER."

- J.H.

"Before deciding to hire you, I met with and interviewed six other DWI lawyers in the DFW area. One of the questions that I asked each of the other attorneys was that if they were in my situation and were unable to represent themselves, then who would they hire?

Four of the six attorneys mentioned your name and while you were not on my initial list of potential lawyers to hire, you quickly moved up the list. After our first meeting, I quickly recognized why the other lawyers in the area thought so highly of you and I knew that you were the right choice.

While I began an intensive counseling regimen, Mrs. Tucker and her extraordinary team handled all of my legal matters with the utmost expertise & professionalism. Mrs. Tucker remained engaged with my case & maintained an open and effective channel of communication. Whenever there was an update, I was notified immediately.

I’m sure many clients feel this way, but I think my case presented some unique challenges and thanks to your skill we had an early win by having the license revocation portion of the case dismissed by the judge at the ALR hearing. Thank you for that!

As the case proceeded on the criminal side, you were always there to answer my many, many questions and I had the utmost confidence that you were the best lawyer I could have hired. Ultimately, I made the decision to not go all the way with a trial by jury because of the specifics of my case and you negotiated a plea-bargain that actually surprised me. Had we gone all the way to trial, then I have no doubt you would have been the best lawyer to make the case. Ultimately though, I think the best and most fair outcome was achieved and I owe it all to you. Thank you!"

- William Q.

"I never planned to be on the wrong side of the law, but when my substance abuse problem ran out of control, that’s where I found myself. The charge I faced included a two-year minimum jail sentence if convicted & would have completely derailed my future. Due to the delicacy of my charge and the degree of liberty I had at stake, I consulted Mrs. Tucker immediately and she graciously agreed to take my case.

Our first consultation was bittersweet. Mrs. Tucker did not sugarcoat the severity of the charges, nor did she make any promises regarding the possible outcome of my case. She did, however, urge me to begin treatment for my substance abuse problem and seek counseling immediately. That bit of advice proved to be the most valuable component of my legal defense.

While I began an intensive counseling regimen, Mrs. Tucker and her extraordinary team handled all of my legal matters with the utmost expertise & professionalism. Mrs. Tucker remained engaged with my case & maintained an open and effective channel of communication. Whenever there was an update, I was notified immediately.

In the end, Mrs. Tucker’s efforts resulted in a NO BILL! Had it not been for Mrs. Tucker’s advice & expert knowledge of the legal system, I might be behind bars today. Instead, I have no felony charge or conviction and will even be able to have my arrest record expunged.

Not many people are offered a second chance; but because of Mrs. Tucker, I have mine. I remain eternally grateful to Mrs. Tucker for all of her help."

- James

Dear Mrs. Tucker,

Simply saying "thank you" is not nearly recognition enough for all of your guidance, advice and assistance. I must admit that we first met following what I can only describe as one of the darkest days I have known. However, after the initial consultation, I left your office hopeful, confident and with the comforting knowledge that I was not alone. I received consistent communications and advice from you and your professional staff throughout the ordeal, and always felt informed and up to date on every aspect of my case.

I know you serve a plethora of clients, but your attentiveness made me feel as though I was your one and only concern. I know that both your knowledge of current law and the respect you receive from the legal system is second to none. This combined with what I truly believe to be a brilliant courtroom strategy and the keen ability to read both witnesses and jury members is definitely a winning combination. As a result of your efforts I was found NOT GUILTY and my record is now clear.

My advice to any of your future clients is to heed all your advice and to rest easy knowing that they are being supported and protected by The Law Office of Kimberley Griffin Tucker; I am living proof of your successful council.


Kerry G.

Thank you so very much. You are such a wonderful person thru and thru. Your heart and mind are made of pure gold. Thank you for your preparation and your professionalism even when things looked weary. I wish nothing but more and more blessings… Me and my wife are forever thankful for your services.

M. Harris

"Mrs. Tucker,
I didn’t get a chance to talk to you after I was done today, but I wanted to say Thank You for the hard work you put into my case. I realize that my circumstances put me in a position to make a total win a slim thing. The fact that after I decided to plea you still went and pushed for the breathalyzer to be dropped means a lot. I still have a long road ahead of me working all this out but you have helped to make a tough situation a little less brutal to deal with. For that I truly want to Thank You!

Thank you again. I appreciate all your hard work."

L. Moore

"I am so thankful that I found Kimberly Tucker and her team. I showed up at her office extremely worried about my future as it was. I was potentially facing up to 10 years in prison. I am a dedicated family man and was in fear of losing the things that were very important to me. From the very get go Mrs. Tucker was compassionate yet very honest about my situation and my possibilities. I could tell she was a very geniune person who was shooting me straight. I think her knowledge of the DUI laws in the State of Texas is second to none and and her experience and relationships gave me the best possible chance to succeed. Her suppport staff Kelly and Rebecca were always super informative and helpful. I will be forever greatful for Mrs. Tucker and her teams extra effort and compassion."

J. Crouch

Since meeting you, you have made us feel like we were your only clients, which I know is definitely not the case!!!!! You have always been readily available, sincere, kind, and extremely helpful. You showed that you were truly interested in my sons case, and ultimately in his future (which is huge!!) In today's society, you don't meet many people that care as you do. I had many sleepless nights; feeling so guilty for doing an injustice to my son by hiring another attorney before finding you. I cried, and prayed, and then I found you.

So, I wanted to express our sincere thanks for all of your efforts. You have worked wonders! The grace and professionalism in which you handled matters is a true testament to your passion and dedication.

I will sing your praise to all!! You are good people! And should I ever know of anyone who may need an attorney, yours will be the name I give.

M. Ramos


I wanted to write and say thank you for your representation. When I got into trouble months ago, I stressed over how to pick representation that would provide the best possible outcome. Without specific referrals I worried that picking the wrong lawyer could cost me dearly. I can genuinely say that I undoubtedly made the right decision in using your firm.

It goes without saying that I could not have received a better outcome if I had chosen a different direction. In addition though, I received personal service and never felt like a number. I also never had to doubt that the advice I received was in my best interest, largely due to your candor, Kimberly.

I wanted to say thank you and let you know that although I'm sure I will never be in the situation to use your services again, if I were there'd be only one person I'd call; and if a friend were ever in a similar situation, I'd refer you in a heart beat.

I appreciate your time, friendliness, and professionalism.



"Kimberly Tucker maneuvers through the un-chartable waters of the legal world with precision, professionalism and purpose. I'd have no other person handle legal matters on my behalf."

P. Godefroy

"KGT!....You ROCK!!! I know I've said it over and over again, but I just can't thank you enough for all your help and guidance through all this. If I know someone that is ever in need of an awesome lawyer I will definitely be praising your name. Aside from my case you are an outstanding individual....beautiful, intelligent, and professional. I wish you only the best of luck!"

Lance L.

"During my son's adolescent years, having made some bad decisions, he was arrested on a number of charges as a minor. Not having had to use legal services for criminal offenses in the past, I was neither knowledgeable not confident in choosing an attorney to represent us.

Finding Kimberly through references, I was very appreciative and thankful of the way she handled the infraction and my son's role in it. She was very straightforward with myself and my wife, and especially with my son.

She did exactly what she said she would do, kept my son informed at all times of status and his role in correcting the problem. As a result, the issues were dealt with and most importantly, she was instrumental in helping my son move towards a more responsible view of the world. I would unquestionably recommend her services to anyone who needs them."


T. Milles

"I regard Kimberly Tucker as a friend and trusted advisor. Not only is she a consummate professional, but Mrs. Tucker conveys an intensely human side that helps ease the strain of any legal proceeding. While I was aware that Mrs. Tucker had numerous other clients, I was made to feel that my case was her focus. She is thorough and plainspoken, lending an air of confidence and practicality when explaining the intricacies of the law. She is also considerate and compassionate when dealing with the intensely personal issues involved with being in this situation.

During our initial meeting, I agreed to respect her time if she would agree always to be responsive to my inquiries. I was later to discover that this "meeting of the minds" had been unnecessary. This is simply the way Mrs. Tucker practices law. Her unique blend of availability, empathy and professionalism brought my case to a well-rounded and successful resolution. Should I ever find myself in need of legal counsel in the future, Kimberly Tucker is the only number in my book."

R. Legg

"It is said that there is no Justice at the Courthouse. To tip the scales of Justice in your favor, to have a fighting chance, you need someone in your corner who knows not only the justice system but knows who's running the system. Ms. Tucker not only knows the justice system in Denton County, she knows who's running the system.

She diligently worked my case with professionalism and a can do attitude, pulling no punches. She used her knowledge and judicial contacts to ensure my case was handled with my interests in mind.

With Kimberly working my case I always felt that I had someone in the legal system in my corner."

M. Stallcup

"I am happy to provide an endorsement for my friend and advocate Kimberly Griffin Tucker, a practicing attorney in Denton County Texas. I have had occasion to utilize her considerable professional services and so I feel that I can comment from a first hand perspective.

From the first day that I met her through the completion of my legal situation, I found Kimberly to be unfailingly attentive and sensitive to my particular situation. I have no reason to believe that she would not be the very same with any of her clients.

In addition to her interpersonal skills, I found her to be exceptionally knowledgeable in the area of law that she practices. She is able to communicate clearly the options available and gives her clients relevant information so that they can make informed decisions regarding their cases.

Finally, in addition to knowing the law, she is very comfortable and able in the courthouse hallways and courts. She demonstrates of high level of professional competence that is respected by her peers and judges.

I am most pleased to offer my high recommendation for her work."


R. Berg

"I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Law Office of Kimberly Tucker.

I was in a desperate situation with horrible accusations leveled against me. Fortunately I was referred to Kimberly. She had the knowledge, the tenacity, and the determinedness to have me cleared of all charges.

Her office consistently returned all my calls and emails in a timely professional manner. Her fee structure was also fair and easily understood. Her council was invaluable to me and my case. I cannot stress enough how important choosing the appropriate attorney is .... It is your life. Rest assured that you cannot have better representation than Kimberly!"

V. Henderson

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